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The Green Industry plays a vital role in our world; the landscape surrounding us including private residences, public gardens, green space, office and retail plazas—even schools and hospitals are all shaped by it. We are the planners, caretakers, nurturers, and technicians who maintain and create these environments. Our industry includes hands-on positions involving equipment and labor roles, growing and propagating plants and trees, retail, design and implementation, and owner/operators, and so many more exciting roles!

Every one of us who works in the Green Industry knows that at the end of the day, the world is a more healthy and beautiful place because of us! The diversity of projects and positions means that we are constantly challenged, invigorated, and amazed by the transformative nature of our field—a few of the many reasons why this industry is so exciting. Ask someone who works and thrives in the industry why they chose their specific path and chances are you will hear the same sentiment over and over: it's a fulfilling career filled with amazing opportunities and people.

Scope of Michigan’s Green Industry

The economic impact of Michigan’s nursery, perennial plant production, Christmas tree, sod producers, landscaping and lawn care industries is $5.715 billion. 

  • The economic impact of our Nursery and perennial plant producers is $1.2 billion and they distribute their products into 35 states, Mexico and Canada, making us the largest specialty crop in Michigan, the fourth largest agriculture commodity group in Michigan and the fourth largest nursery industry in the nation.
  • The economic impact of our landscape services and retail sectors is $4.5 billion.

Together, all segments of the Green Industry account for a total of 36,162 individuals employed (Knudson & Peterson, 2012).

According to US Census Data, this equates to 1 out of every 170 Michigan citizens between the ages of 18-65.

Knudson, William A. & H. Christopher Peterson. 2012. The Economic Impact of Michigan’s Food and Agriculture System. Working Paper No. 01-0312. Michigan State University Product Center.

Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association

Our mission: United to advocate professionalism, integrity and growth for Michigan’s Green Industry

The Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA), established in 1922, is the statewide trade association that represents the over 4,500 licensed Green Industry firms in Michigan. Segments of the Green Industry that we serve include landscape construction, landscape management, landscape design, retail garden center, golf course design and maintenance, irrigation, greenhouse production, grower, interiorscape, nursery production, arboriculture, supplier, turf management, water gardening, and snow plowing.

In addition, we have established flourishing partnerships with related green industry universities, regulatory agencies, and state and national associations, including Michigan State University, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, AmericanHort, Michigan Turfgrass Foundation, International Society of Arboriculture Michigan, Michigan Forestry and Park Association, Michigan Irrigation Association, the National Irrigation Association, Snow and Ice Management Association, National Association of Landscape Professionals, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, Michigan Native Plant Producers Association, Michigan Sod Growers Association, Michigan Invasive Plants Council, Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership, and Michigan IPM Alliance.

Contact Information: Amy Upton, Executive Director, 2149 Commons Parkway, Okemos, Mich.  48864, Telephone: (517) 381-0437, Fax: (517) 381-0638, E-mail: amy@mnla.org, Websites: www.mnla.orgwww.plantmichigangreen.com

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What does this mean for you?

MNLA is a robust organization with many helpful tools for its members including:

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• Advocacy efforts on the part of MNLA—your employer has representation and protection in Michigan. LEARN MORE>

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Why a career in this industry?

Now it is more important than ever that you derive satisfaction from a career. The last few years have caused a massive shift in priorities—people value open spaces, connectivity, and a work-life balance that includes personal growth and satisfaction. The Green Industry can provide all of this and more. This industry is constantly growing and evolving and has a need for a strong, creative, and passionate workforce to keep up with this trajectory.


Our focus is you

Whatever your reason for seeking a Green Industry career, whether it be a passion for plants, a desire to work with your hands, a unique environment that doesn't always mean sitting at a desk, or having an impact on the way the world around you looks, know that you are welcome here. APPLY TODAY>