We like to think of people that are new to the industry like seeds that are sprouting—they have plenty of potential & enthusiasm, but much like a new plant that needs healthy soil and sunlight to grow, someone starting out in the industry needs help to nurture their strengths and get their start!

This industry is full of people who, like the sunlight that allows a plant to thrive, are here to mentor and teach you valuable skills to help you grow in your career.

The experience you gain in an entry level green career will allow you to leaf out, grow strong, and become a vital part of an ever growing industry! This is a fast paced industry, and an entry level job can put you on the fast track to even more opportunities, allowing you to grow strong roots and embark on a lifelong career path!  Learning new skills can be exciting and this industry offers many jobs with on-site training and programs designed to get you involved, invigorated, and educated! 


Some green career options that are for those who are sprouted and ready to grow: 


  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Horticulturist Worker
  • Garden Center Team Member
  • Landscape Technician  
  • Seasonal Laborer
  • Cultivation Technician