Design a Garden: Planning and planting a garden together helps strengthen bonds, improves the environment, and teaches the value of hard work!

Do you have a favorite vegetable or fruit you want to grow? Does a garden that brings beautiful birds and butterflies to your yard sound amazing? Now is the time to get out your paper and markers and start plotting out your space! Make it a themed garden: Japanese style, native plants, or make it fairy-themed— the possibilities are endless. Find resources at your local library or online about plants that will thrive in your climate and that you want to grow! TIP: Make sure you keep in mind what kinds of light and soil your plants will need to grow, so they can be healthy and prolific. Plant pollinator-friendly plants and you have a garden that makes more than you happy or plant perennial plants like echinacea, bee balm, rhubarb, strawberries, and asparagus that will keep coming back year after year.

A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of water, and some hands-on fun is all it takes to reap the benefits of what you sow. Start designing your garden today! Did you know that there are careers for people that design gardens? Learn more about what a Landscape Designer does>