Get your green thumbs growing!

Get Growing: Starting a flower or plant from a seed is a fun and rewarding activity for kids and families that can spark their lifelong passion for gardening!

When people learn to nurture and care for something other then themselves it gives them a whole new perspective.

Materials Needed:

  • A container for your seedling, even a paper egg carton or old yogurt container will work!
  • Potting soil
  • Your seed of choice. TIP: Green Beans are super easy to grow!
  • Water

Make sure to follow the planting instructions on the seed packet. Many types of seeds can sprout with very little light, its more about warmth and moisture—once the seedling has sprouted move to a location with plenty of light, like a windowsill. Make sure to water when needed and be patient as you wait for it to grow, grow, grow—seeing that first sprout of green peeking out of the dirt is so satisfying! Congratulations, you have just grown a plant! Did you know there are people who do this professionally? They are called growers and they have an awesome job! Learn more about what a career in growing means>