Petoskey, MI based Green Industry professionals, Drost Landscape consists of design & build, tree services, landscape, fleet, greenhouse & nursery, and internal services team members. 

Join Drost Landscape general manager, Dale Drier, as he narrates us through departments and services offered by the landscape company. Initially hired as a laborer, Dale has been with Drost Landscape for 26 seasons and has worked his way up to General Manager; taking on roles as a team leader and manager along the way. From designers to certified arborists and administrative staff there are opportunites for all skill and educational levels within this company.

In this testimonial video, Dale highlights the fact that many positions in the landscape industry do not require a college degree— if you have the right level of self motivation you can learn skills and certificates that offer substantial financial benefits and promotion. Drost Landscape is looking towards the future and will need resources as they continue to grow and embrace new technologies. Do you have what it takes to become a Green Industry professional?

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