The Green Industry offers plenty for the up and coming generation to be excited about—it’s hands on, lets you grow things, play in the water, dig in the dirt, and spend lots of time outdoors!

If you have a passion for plants, or a genuine curiosity for what makes things grow, this is a great place to get your start. Check out our opportunities for internships, learn more about the industry, and find great resources and activities for you and your family.

Whether you are a budding horticulture enthusiast or a family with a deep seeded passion for plants and nature, nothing is better than allowing these passions to thrive!

Green Industry Internship programs:


For students under 18, we offer internship opportunities. A Green Industry Internship can put you on a pathway to a career you can grow into. Learn more about working in the industry, take on some responsibilities, and cultivate your passion today!


An internship is a great way to learn more about what you want your future to look like! Many of the people who work in the Green Industry were drawn to it for different reasons. We have people who excelled in science, who are now Horticulturalists, Plant Scientists, Botanists, and Growers. We have designers that spent their days doodling and dreaming about what the world could look like if they were in charge—who are now licensed landscape architects & designers or who work on a marketing team promoting the industry! Some of us never grew out of desire to climb trees and we now are employed as Arborists, who care for trees to keep them healthy and safe! The possibilites are endless in this industry and the options are anything but boring. If you are looking for a career path that involves more "out of office" opportunities, this might be the industry for you!


Benefits of an Internship for Students:

  • Helps you decide if a career in the Green Industry is the right fit, before you make a commitment to pursue a college degree. 
  • Allows you to explore your passions— many of the roles in the Landscape and Green Industry are non-traditional. People who love working with their hands & being outdoors  or don't want to sit at a desk for hours on end may find their dream job in this industry!
  • Lets you gain lifelong skills that will translate to your future pursuits.
  • Empowers you—gaining knowledge and learning to lead by example are all part of experience!



Activities & More

There are plenty of ways that you and your family can get started with Green Industry activities! Take the time to check out our free activities for families, which include downloads and coloring pages about plants and the green industry, teacher kits to help engage and teach about the awesome nature of the Green Industry, and more!