Find out what Dan Riddle from Trees of the Field LLC. has to say about growing green!

Growers are the Green Industry professionals responsible for growing and nurturing the plants, shrubs, and trees that adorn our public and private spaces.

The vegetation and greenery they produce are solutions to climate change—plants are essential for clean water and air. They help provide the world with shade and windbreaks, animal habitats, and more— while shaping the look and feel of our cities and towns. 

The plants they grow help define our holidays and seasons, from Christmas trees to easter lilies, and everything in between their plants and trees provide year-round enjoyment to people of all ages.

They grow plants for backyard gardens and orchards, which bring beauty and increased quality of life, and help to make a house a home for families to enjoy. A bonus for a career as a grower—being around plants is good for mental health!

Learn about growing green with Zac, a tree farmer from southern Michigan!


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You have heard from Dan and Zac, both industry professionals, about what growing green means to them, now find out what Michigan's Green Industry has to offer you!