Green Industry suppliers provide the public & other landscape professionals with the plants, trees, shrubs, equipment, and other materials they need to get their projects done and offer the right products to their clients!

These professionals choose supplies tailored to customers' specific needs and are knowledgeable about the plants and products they sell, the conditions they thrive in, and what they may be useful for overall. Green industry supplies include Garden centers as well as supply yards for brick soil and mulch.  Large and small equipment dealers supply the tools needed to get the job done. These retailers can be large or small and they play a huge role in the success of the industry.

As Green Industry professionals, they are often committed to more than just sales-they advocate for a commitment to sustainability & encourage sustainable practices and education as they know how important a role plants play in our future. Quite often, Green industry suppliers are tied into a company that does landscaping, growing, or manufacturing and processing of hard goods and soil. This may allow opportunities for some cross-training in several areas.


Why I love it.
  1. Customers are happy and excited to come to a nursery! We are a treat, not a chore.
  2. Customers are seeking information and someone that will "speak plants" with them.
  3. You have the prettiest "office" that is "redecorated" daily! There are new blooms, scents, leaves, colors and textures everyday!
  4. Friendly and fun greenhouse cats. A necessity for rodent control and customer service!
  5. You become part of your customer' story-from flowers for mom on mothers day, a tree for dad on fathers day, pumpkins in the fall and their Christmas tree.
  6. You help customers through their best and worst moments-new baby and wedding gifts to just the right memorial tree. You share in their laughter and tears.
  7. You'll hear the comment "You have the BEST JOB" daily-and you DO!
     -Jane Riddle, Southeast Michigan Retailer



  • Hardscape Product Supplier
  • Landscape Supplier
  • Retail Garden Center
  • Equipment Retailer



We need more people who see the value in the Green Industry.

One of the best ways to learn about the Green Industry is an on-the-job experience!