This is a vibrant and growing industry with myriad opportunity for growth, advancement, and longevity.

This industry literally improves the quality of life on earth— while giving you a satisfying way to earn a living. Working with plants is proven to reduce stress, clean the air, and beautify the world around us!

A career in the Green Industry has many benefits.

This is an industry that is good for you—it's  fast paced with plenty of opportunities for rapid advancement,  working outdoors means improved mood, improved memory, reduced stress, & more energy, and it often means you get plenty of exercise! With positions available from novice to the expert there is a path available for everyone; with fantastic positions that cater to your skills and passions. The green industry helps the environment— by cultivating nature, you are helping with soil erosion, air quality, and providing spaces for creatures like birds and bees. When you work in the green industry, will find a heightened sense of community & the team based structure means that you will build reliable & beneficial relationships with your coworkers and clients. Varied and exciting work days/weeks plus seasonal variations means there is little room for boredom. Working with plants, watching things grow, and building outdoor environments uses problem solving skills and allows you to work with your hands— all while flexing your creative muscles. This industry offers a huge amount of job satisfaction and pride for what you do.

Salary Range

Salaries range from $30K -$210K+

Dependent on a variety of factors— from skill level, experience, and education to executive level positions and business owners. Average wages are much higher then minimum wage & there is opportunity for full time, part time, year round, and seasonal work.

Sample wages below are average hourly wage paid—benefits are in addition to the hourly wage—these are only average hourly wages and overtime is in addition to these wages.

General Labor$16.34/hr
Large Equipment Operator$22.66/hr

In the Field

See & hear why a green industry career is fullfilling!

This industry is full of satisfied people— creativity, being outside, and proximity to plants all tend to increase your happiness index! Watch some inspiring stories here.

Variety of Careers

Get outside (of the box), literally, with a green career—plenty of careers are indoor oriented, too.



Paid Benefits

Paid Benefits may include:

  • Retirement  
  • Annual or Merit based bonus
  • Structured performance-based incentive plan
  • Commissions 
  • Health insurance – individual and family coverage
  • Dental insurance 
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Paid Time Off – vacation
  • Paid Time Off – sick time 
  • Truck Drivers – local (not over-the-road) and are home at night
  • Supplemental Insurance Plans

Isn’t it dirty work?

It’s time to end the stigma that a green industry career means nothing but manual labor.

While many of us are drawn to this industry because we enjoy working with our hands, being outdoors, and staying in shape by working a physically demanding job; you can choose the level of hands on you want to be by choosing the right industry career. Opportunities that include minimal risk of getting dirty include buyers, designers, accounting, or sales and marketing careers. 

The industry has plenty of jobs that are minimally hands on, too—like truck driving, technician, and large & small equipment operators. In the current world, people are looking for careers that can provide meaning and flexibility and green industry careers can offer a purposeful path. You might be surprised by what you find when you dig deeper, including higher job satisfaction!   

Education Requirements

High School Diploma | Certifications | Licenses | On-the-job Training | Apprenticeships |
Associates Degree  | Bachelors Degree |  Masters  Degree | PHD

The Green Industry employs a broad range of professionals, with varied levels of education and skills required across the industry. If you are seeking non-traditional education opportunities, you can gain the skills you need through on-the-job training and apprenticeships. If you are further progressed in your skillset, it is easy to utilize skills from other industires & integrate them seamlessly into your green career!

Nothing can hold you back from a rewarding career.

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